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In 2010, we implemented: The project “Strengthening the awareness of the population in Spitak community on the activities of the local self-governmentbody” 

The objectives of the project were:


  • To inform the residents of Spitak community about the RA Law on Local Self-Government
  • Reveal the citizens’ attitude towards the activities of local self-government and the reasons for passivity
  • To form a dialogue between the population and the local self-government bodies
  • Provide free legal consultation concerning local self-government bodies.


In order to achieve the project goal, the organization performed the following activities:

  • In Spitak community, surveys were conducted with 100 adult citizens in order to find out attitude of society towards local self-government body and to reveal the reasons for that.
  • During the whole project, free legal consultation was provided.
  • Two workshops were held to introduce to the population the local self-government legislation and to establish a dialogue between local self-government officials and citizens.
  • 300 copies of information leaflets on community leader, council members, citizens’ rights and responsibilities were printed and distributed.
  • A radio program was broadcasted on local radio for 30 minutes on the topic “Local Self-Government”.
  • One final workshop-discussion was held.