Women of Lori Region are Informed and Powerful

Since 2017 “Spitak Helsinki Group” human rights NGO with the support of Swedish organization Kvinna till Kvinna is implementing “Women of Lori Region are Informed and Powerful” project, a long-term goal of which is: Women of RA are empowered and equal members of political, social, economic and educational spheres in Armenia.
The short-term objective is: Women in Lori region are aware of their rights, empowered, self-confident, active and they promote gender equality in Lori region.
Throughout this project, the organization has conducted a survey to reveal women’s problems in Lori region. From 2018, the organization has a women’s club where various trainings, seminars, discussions are held to raise women’s awareness and to provide them with new knowledge and skills. Within the framework of the project, the organization provides legal and psychological counseling and support to women and children. During the project more than 1,000 women were informed about their rights.