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On May 10, 2014 a group of young active people together with “Spitak Helsinki Group” human rights NGO implemented ” NO HATE SPEECH ” campaign on Spitak city public square.
The aim of campaign was to inform the society about Hate Speech on the Internet. Nowadays Internet users, and young people in particular, have a right to perceive their online interactions as benefitting from the freedoms of expression and information.
Reality tells us that the online world is also a space where the values of human rights are often ignored or violated. Among others, hate speech online has become a major form of human rights abuse, with very serious consequences for people, both online and offline.
Young people are directly concerned as victims, targets, active and passive agents, but hate speech affects all of society. So we decided to make our citizens be aware about all this. “NO HATE SPEECH” campaign was attended by 15-25 years old 15 young people, who are active Internet users and regularly make comments on any of the Internet materials.
They were wearing sad masks and posters. Time after time critical and abusing phrases about their personality were posted on each of the posters. After, the negative comments written on the posters were replaced by catch phrases and sayings about power of word and speech.
During that the sad masks of the participants were replaced by funny masks. In the end the participants performed a flash mob: each participant hold a letter and drafted “NO HATE SPEECH” expression. In the end of the campaign, participants drew NO HATE’s symbol, the heart, by keeping red heart shape balloons on their hands. Then the balloons were given to the passing by citizens. So, more than hundred citizens were informed of negative consequences of hate speech.