In Implemented Projects

Project Name: “Healthy Body in an Informed Mind” 

Project Duration.  6 months

Project budget – AMD 3.8120,00; funding requested from the “Commitment to Constructive Dialogue” project – AMD 3.430,800: applicant’s financial contribution – AMD 381,200.


Contribute to the improvement of healthcare in Lori marz:


Carry out a sociological survey to identify the current issues and situation in the health care establishments.

undertake appropriate measures to address and solve the identified problems


  1. Carry out a sociological survey in the health care establishments of Spitak city and the newly opened medical centre in Vanadzor. The objective of the monitoring is to identify the problems in medical establishments, which have controversial complaints over the years and which remain unresolved. The key objective here is to identify the level of accessibility of the medical establishment to the citizen.
  2. Carry out inquiries from citizens visiting medical establishments.
  3. Implement focus group discussions with the employees of health care sector,
  4. Conduct visits to the medical establishments and examine the hygienic conditions, the medical equipment, and preparedness of the medical staff.
  5. Present to the management of the medical establishment the issues identified as a result of the monitoring,
  6. Discuss ways of cooperation aimed to solve the existing problems,
  7. Establish dialogue and cooperation with the Ministry of Health, involving the results of the monitoring and the possible solutions discussed with management of the medical establishment.
  8. Publish a report on the results of the monitoring and the methods of solving the identified issues as well as the project success.
  9. Organize a presentation on the results of monitoring and solutions of the identified issues for the interested parties and stakeholders.


Implementation of the project will provide an opportunity to raise the issue existing in the healthcare sector, inform and report about these issues, and undertake steps to address and solve them.

Women are particularly vulnerable, in this area, and the project will focus on women, since women apply to the medical establishments more frequently both their own and their children’s health. “Spitak Helsinki Gorup” NGO has come to this conclusion as a result of the surveys conducted among the population aimed to identify the needs of the population in certain areas and certain specialists, and in most cases and most of the respondents mentioned the healthcare sector.  Awareness raising measures which will be implemented in the scope of the project will contribute to raising the level of awareness of the population, which in its turn will reduce the corruption risks.

In addition, the monitoring will make the management of medical establishments sober and vigilant, since reporting the problems that lead to certain level of development in any sector have not been raised by anyone.

* The project is implemented by the “Spitak Helsinki Group” Human Rights NGO within the framework of the Sub-Grant provided in the scope of the EU funded “Commitment to Constructive Dialogue Project” implemented by a Consortium of NGOs led by the Armenian Lawyers’ Association.