In Current Projects

Taking into account the financial and economic situation of the country due to Covid-19,  and  war, as well as remaining faithful to our mission to promote a more favorable, protected, safe environment for women, we have launched the “Women of Lori region are economically empowered” program. Within the framework of the program, a two-month  training course “Development of Entrepreneurial Skills” was launched on May 12 of this year.

We are convinced that only by empowering women and strengthening their role in the society will we be able to move forward and prosper.

The participants of the course are women of Lori region, who want to implement their business ideas or want to get knowledge about the nuances of business management.

The aim of the program is to promote the development of entrepreneurial knowledge and skills of the participants, to provide them with knowledge to make a competent market research, to develop a marketing strategy, to effectively organize business and financial management, to understand the competitive advantages, to get acquainted with the tax legislation.

In addition to gaining knowledge of the field, course participants have the opportunity to develop their business plan under the supervision of an experienced professional. 

The topic of the first meeting was “How to start a business from scratch”, “Idea Generation”, which was conducted by Vladimir Sahakyan, the founder and business expert of “Six Corners” business consulting company. Next topics of the meeting were “Studying Competitors – Identifying Challenges Related to Starting a Business”, “Branding”, and the trainer was business consultant, co-founder of “Together for Economic Development” NGO Hakob Avalyan. Tigran Avagyan, President of the Youth Opportunities Club NGO, a fundraising specialist, is  also among the team of professional trainers.




The rest of the topics are:

  • How to create a brand and effectively advertise
  • Preparing a business plan (canvas)
  • Social entrepreneurship
  • How to make a profit from business?
  • How to attract customers?
  • In-depth study of the tax and legal field
  • Cost calculation
  • Financial plan


We will have exciting and inspiring meetings with successful women entrepreneurs who will share their experiences with project participants. It should be noted that the courses are free for participating women.  Successful and active  participants will have the opportunity to get a job at the “Spitak Manushak” natural herbal oil social enterprise.

The project is implemented with the support of the Kvinna till Kvinna Foundation. Please follow our Facebook page for more information.