In Implemented Projects

Women and teenage girls become very vulnerable during hostilities and conflicts, so the implementation of such programs, especially in the difficult post-war socio-psychological conditions, can  help them to overcome tensions and regain harmony.
The goal of the “Understanding Feminism through language of Art” program is to develop the self-awareness of teenage girls through art therapy.
Art therapy is a modern branch of psychotherapy based on the principle of creative self-expression.

 It is a development based on psychology on the one hand and art on the other.
The program aims at providing participants   with the opportunity to express their emotions, fears,  speake up about feelings, that otherwise they will feel uncomfortable to share  through creative solutions.
The training course is run by an experienced art therapy specialist, painter, painter-pedagogue Anna Torosyan.
We do believe in women’s power and providing equal opportunities for women and girls has always been and will be in the center of attention of the “Spitak Helsinki Group” human rights NGO.