How to Raise a Mentally Strong and Healthy Child

ANNA Atabekyan, the psychologist of the SHG, organized a meeting for parents on the topic “How to raise a mentally strong and healthy child”. The following issues were

Bullying and Its Impact on Socialization

On March 31, Anna Atabekyan, the psychologist of SHG, organized a meeting with teenage girls and boys on the topic “Bullying and its impact on socialization”.

Meeting With Colleagues

Meeting With Colleagues Yesterday we had the honor to host the project Manager of Council of Europe , Arman Poghosyan, the national expert of Council of Europe, Sergey Ghazinyan, the head of the [...]

Children Are Our Present The first day of summer,

The first day of summer, June 1, is an international Day for Protection of Children . On this occassion SHG human rights NGO carried out a small awareness campaign in the Spitak community. During [...]

Spitak Helsinki Group Human Rights NGO is 13 Years Old

On May 19, the “Spitak Helsinki Group” human rights NGO celebrated its 13th anniversary. The event took place at NGO office. Beneficiaries, supporters, sponsers were present at the event.