How to Raise a Mentally Strong and Healthy Child

ANNA Atabekyan, the psychologist of the SHG, organized a meeting for parents on the topic “How to raise a mentally strong and healthy child”. The following issues were

Bullying and Its Impact on Socialization

On March 31, Anna Atabekyan, the psychologist of SHG, organized a meeting with teenage girls and boys on the topic “Bullying and its impact on socialization”.

Signing of Memorandum under STRIVE Programme

Today, on March 22, within the framework of “Strive for a Better Future: Communities and Civil Society Resilience in Armenia” (STRIVE) programme

“Addiction to computer games and its impact on adolescents”

Adolescent addiction to computer games is a very important topic and can lead to various psychological problems, such as aggression, anxiety, etc. Anna Atabekyan, the psychologist of SHG, [...]

Mandala therapy

Mandala therapy for teenage girls took place yesterday at the office of the SHG

Provision of services

From March 2022, with funding from the European Endowment for Democracy,  Spitak Helsinki Group human rights NGO provides free legal, psychological and social support to women and children of [...]


Ashkhen Babayan, president of “Spitaki Helsinki Group” human rights NGO, and lawyer Arevhat Petrosyan held two-day meetings for the women of Berd, Ijevan, Dilijan and Gandzakar [...]

“Women Human Rights Defenders Take Steps Against Gender-Based Violence in Armenia” (Lori)

As part of the “Women Human Rights Defenders Take Steps Against Gender-Based Violence in Armenia” (2020-2022) program, Ashkhen Babayan, President of the “Spitak Helsinki [...]

“Sustainability through Social Entrepreneurship” program

On August 13-16, “Spitak Manushak” Social Enterprise participated in the series of skills development courses of the “Sustainability through Social Entrepreneurship” [...]

Strategic Plan

On August 21-22, the staff of “Spitak Helsinki  Group” human rights NGO and expert Karen Sargsyan held a two-day discussion on the development of the organization’s Strategic [...]

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