How to Raise a Mentally Strong and Healthy Child

ANNA Atabekyan, the psychologist of the SHG, organized a meeting for parents on the topic “How to raise a mentally strong and healthy child”. The following issues were

Bullying and Its Impact on Socialization

On March 31, Anna Atabekyan, the psychologist of SHG, organized a meeting with teenage girls and boys on the topic “Bullying and its impact on socialization”.

“Understanding Feminism through language of Art” course on Art therapy

Women and teenage girls become very vulnerable during hostilities and conflicts, so the implementation of such programs, especially in the difficult post-war socio-psychological conditions, can  [...]


Short-term Goal of the Project: The short-term objective of the project was to promote the empowerment of women in Lori region through increased legal awareness, physical and psychological [...]


Project Name: “Healthy Body in an Informed Mind”  Project Duration.  6 months Project budget – AMD 3.8120,00; funding requested from the “Commitment to Constructive Dialogue” [...]

I Fight Against Discrimination

The goal of the program is to create parents' non-formal council which will fight against discrimination.

Informed Society-Protected Rights

The goal of the project is to raise the level of legal awareness of young people in Lori region and to create a more powerful and initiative local civil society.

I have joined the fight against discrimination

The goal of the project is to inform the youth of  Spitak community about discrimination and mechanisms of its defense․

Legal Assistance to Families Left Homless Because of a Disaster

On October 5.2010 an outgoing session of the Commission (hereinafter the Commission) on the providing of houses (apartments) built within the framework of state-sponsored housing construction [...]

Free Medical Assistance Survey

The purpose of the project was to identify the legal status of those receiving free medical care in Spitak town and neighboring Arevashogh, Mets Parni  rural communities and inform about the free [...]

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