Despite all the difficulties of last year: Covid-19 pandemic, martial law and war we continued our work doing everything we can to help and support those in need. Last year we have provided 28 citizens with
psychological support. In total we have provided 92 counseling and psychological support. The meetings were held both remote, online and offline, at SHG office.

For the period of  January 13 to December 28, 2020, we have organized group meetings-discussions for women and girls over 18, during these meetings we emphases ways and means of overcoming the consequences of the pandemic and war.

As a result of the Second Artsakh War that started on September 27th of 2020 we concentrated our activities in working with displaced families. Refugee women and children were in our main focus and we have provided them with psychological  counseling and support. The psychologist of SHG NGO has organized various group meetings, private counseling and other psychological support for displaced families, women and children of Artsakh to ease their anxiety and traumas by war and displacement by the use of adaption techniques. We continued the provision of free psychological and legal services in 2021  and once again, we will do our best to promote gender equality and advocate for those who are silenced, who go unheard  and for democratic government.